Prime World

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Join the war between magic and technology


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Prime World is a MOBA game in 3D that combines elements of roleplaying and realtime strategy to deliver a gaming experience similar to genre classics like League of Legends and DOTA2, with a few additions that make it unique.

In Prime World you'll not only participate in combat, but also manage your own castle. Within the castle, you'll need to build different structures that will give you access to resources and new talents (special abilities found in the game).

Now, managing your castle is not the main task in the game, which is the war between the two factions of the Prime World universe. Players can choose between joining the Imperio of Dokht, defenders of technology, or the Keepers of Adornia, who have magical powers.

Combat plays out in real time, just like in any other MOBA. In other words, your objective is to finish off all of your enemies by using the different skills you've gained and by collaborating with various characters. Combat can be 3V3 or 4V4.

Some features that set Prime World apart from other, similar titles include the constant development of your characters, and the ability to participate in battles along a determined storyline.

Prime World is an excellent MOBA that not only provides the genre a breath of fresh air, but is given to you completely free and with spectacular graphics.
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